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Volkswagen Passat 2011 - 2015 Car Mat

Volkswagen Passat 2011 - 2015 Car Mat
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Volkswagen Passat 2011 - 2015 Car Mat
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  • Model: Volkswagen Passat 2011 - 2015 Q43
  • SKU: Q43

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Discover durable and stylish discounted Volkswagen Passat car mats that elevate your driving experience. Limited stock is available, so act fast. These mats not only protect but also enhance your vehicle's interior. Choose from plush carpet or durable rubber options to match your style and needs. Customize with different qualities, colors, and add-on features like personalized text and stain protection. Priced at £19.99, down from £25.00, these mats offer quality and affordability. Don't miss this chance to enhance your Volkswagen Passat 2011-2015.

Key Features

  • Customizable Volkswagen Passat car mats are available at a discounted price of £19.99.

  • Limited stock for specific models like Q43 (2011-2015) and Q22 (1996-2005).

  • Choose from carpet or rubber mats with various colors and add-on features.

  • Verify model compatibility and proceed to checkout for a swift purchase before the offer ends.

Pricing Details

Let's delve into the specifics of the pricing for the discounted Volkswagen Passat car mats. Here are some key details regarding the pricing:

  • Price reduced by 20% to £19.99

  • Options available in carpet or rubber

  • Various mat qualities and colors to choose from

  • Add-on options include personalized text and child stain protection

  • Limited-time offer with a countdown timer

This discounted price of £19.99 applies to the car mats for the Volkswagen Passat 2011-2015 model. Take advantage of this offer before the countdown timer expires and enjoy the quality and customization options available at a great price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Car Mats Be Customized With Logos or Specific Designs?

Yes, you can customize the car mats with logos or specific designs. It adds a unique touch to your vehicle. Personalize your mats for a stylish look. Enhance your driving experience with custom designs that reflect your personality.

Are There Any Special Care Instructions for Maintaining the Car Mats?

To maintain your car mats, regularly vacuum or shake off debris. For spills, spot clean with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to preserve quality. Follow care instructions provided for best results.

Do the Car Mats Come With a Warranty or Guarantee?

Yes, the car mats come with a warranty. Drive worry-free with our guarantee. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind. We've got you covered! Satisfaction is our priority. Choose quality and assurance.

Can the Car Mats Be Returned or Exchanged if They Don't Fit Properly?

If the car mats don't fit properly, you can return or exchange them hassle-free. Just contact customer service for assistance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Buy with confidence knowing you have options for a perfect fit.

Are There Any Bulk Discounts Available for Purchasing Multiple Sets of Car Mats?

When buying multiple sets of car mats, you can enjoy bulk discounts on your purchase. Save more as you buy more - it's a win-win! Check out the various options and quantities available for great savings.

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