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Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan

Upgrade your Volkswagen Tiguan with our bespoke car mats, precisely made by VW Car Mats in the UK. Our mats are available in different types ranging from the rugged Heavy Duty Rubber to the luxe Executive Carpet, meeting every requirement.

About Volkswagen Tiguan Car Mats:

Our mats are offered in four distinct carpet colours - Black, Grey, Beige, and Navy to match seamlessly with your Tiguan's interior. For an added flourish, select from our Carpet Trims in Black, Grey, Red, Blue, and Beige.

Enhance the longevity of your mats with our Diamond Brite Stain Protection and make it truly yours with Personalised Embroidered names or logos.

Volkswagen Tiguan Review

The Volkswagen Tiguan is an SUV that effortlessly blends practicality with a hint of luxury. It’s the kind of car that you’d happily take on an adventurous off-road trip, yet feel proud to park in a high-end venue.

Volkswagen Tiguan History:

The Tiguan was introduced in 2007, bringing Volkswagen's reputable quality and reliability to the competitive compact crossover SUV market.

Volkswagen Tiguan Design:

The Tiguan boasts a sophisticated design, with a rugged exterior that hints at its off-road capabilities, and a refined interior that offers premium comfort and modern tech features.

Volkswagen Tiguan Models & Engines:

The Tiguan is available in several models, each equipped with engines that deliver a balanced combination of performance and efficiency.

Volkswagen Tiguan Manufacturing & Sales Stats:

The Tiguan has been a steady success story for Volkswagen, with impressive sales figures worldwide.

Volkswagen Tiguan Performance Stats:

Despite its family-friendly design, the Tiguan doesn't compromise on performance. Its responsive handling and powerful engines make it a joy to drive.

At VW Car Mats, we provide custom car mats that perfectly fit the sophisticated and adventurous spirit of the Volkswagen Tiguan. Personalise your mats and enhance your Tiguan driving experience today.

Our UK-based factory has your Volkswagen Tiguan 2008 - 2015 car mats ready to be customised and shipped to you. Each set comes with clips that attach to the pre-existing fittings in your vehicle. The full set includes mats for the driver, passenger, and rear seats, all designed to be anti-slip and w..
Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 to Present Car Mat
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