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Volkswagen Golf (MK6) 2009 - 2012 Car Mat

Volkswagen Golf (MK6) 2009 - 2012 Car Mat
Volkswagen Golf (MK6) 2009 - 2012 Car Mat
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  • Model: Volkswagen Golf (MK6) 2009 - 2012 A3
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..Upgrade your Volkswagen Golf's interior affordably with discounted car mats! Elevate your driving experience with premium quality and customizable options. Choose from Carpet or Rubber mats for the Volkswagen Golf (MK6) 2009 - 2012 A3 model. Quality options include Standard (650g), Premium (800g +£10.00), or Ultimate (900g +£20.00) for Carpets and Standard or Heavy Duty Rubber (+£10.00) for Rubber mats. 

Available in Black, Grey, Navy, or Beige, these mats not only enhance style but also provide durability and protection. Visit Car Mat Kings for more details and make your Golf's interior stand out effortlessly!

Key Features

  • Quality Volkswagen Golf (MK6) 2009-2012 A3 car mats in Carpet and Rubber types.

  • Customize with Standard, Premium, or Ultimate quality options.

  • Choose from Standard or Heavy Duty Rubber for durability.

  • Enjoy a discounted price of £19.99, 20% off, for stylish and protected car mats.

Pricing Details

You can save 20% on Volkswagen Golf car mats, reducing the price from £25.00 to £19.99. Use the savings to:

1. Enjoy a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe.

2. Buy a small bouquet of fresh flowers.

3. Indulge in a treat at a local bakery guilt-free.

4. Treat yourself to a movie night at home with snacks.

Enjoy these little indulgences while keeping your car stylish and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Volkswagen Golf Car Mats Compatible With Right-Hand Drive Vehicles?

When buying Volkswagen Golf car mats, ensure compatibility with right-hand drive vehicles. Choose from carpet or rubber options, with various quality and color choices. Add personalization like text or stain protection for an extra touch.

Can the Car Mats Be Easily Removed for Cleaning Purposes?

Yes, the car mats for your Volkswagen Golf can be easily removed for cleaning. With a simple process, you can keep your mats looking fresh and maintain your vehicle's cleanliness without any hassle.

Do the Rubber Car Mats Have Anti-Slip Properties?

Sure, rubber car mats ironically lack anti-slip properties, defeating their purpose. They're more about style than safety. So, stick with the carpet ones for traction. It's better to be safe than sliding around, right?

Are There Any Specific Care Instructions for Maintaining the Quality of the Car Mats?

To maintain the quality of your car mats, regularly vacuum or shake off debris. For rubber mats, use mild soap and water for cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals. For carpet mats, consider spot cleaning or gentle hand washing.

Is There a Warranty or Guarantee Offered on the Volkswagen Golf Car Mats?

When you buy Volkswagen Golf car mats, peace of mind comes with a one-year warranty. It ensures your satisfaction with quality and durability. Drive worry-free, backed by our guarantee, covering any manufacturing defects or faults.

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